Corporate Wellness

Having spent over two decades working in the corporate environment, including 7 years at the world's leading professional body for HR and People Development providing employers with the evidence and information they need to create better working lives, I have a thorough grasp on just how stress, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle impact health, engagement and productivity.

More and more organisations are now prioritising their employees health, to make sure they are functioning at their best on a daily basis. Studies show that nourishing staff in all aspects of life leads to enhanced business performance. It’s a win-win solution: a healthier workforce makes for a healthier bottom-line.

Here are some of the advantages your company can achieve with our corporate wellness plans:

Higher energy and resiliency, more focused employees with improved mental clarity

A more positive, relaxed workplace

Reduced stress and anxiety

Increased creativity, efficiency and innovation

Improved employee loyalty and retention

Reduced absenteeism due to overall better health

Higher morale

Improved employee engagement and productivity

Added value to your employer brand and talent acquisition strategy

Lower healthcare costs

Reduced cravings for sugar and caffeine

Improved work-life balance

In addition to bespoke corporate wellness coaching programmes, I offer stand-alone workshops delivered at your offices to complement your employee wellbeing strategy and business objectives.

Having first-hand experience of partnering with employers to help them optimise their people strategies, I understand precisely the stresses and time pressures of today’s workplace – and the importance of a strong return on investment.

I combine my expertise as a Coach and Functional Medicine Practitioner with my business experience to deliver a fun, interactive and inspirational experience designed to have an empowering, measurable and lasting effect.

If you would like to book a workshop, or arrange a meeting to discuss how I can help you with your corporate wellness project, email me here.