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Personalise your health

Functional Diagnostic Health Coaching

Work with me to develop strategies and solutions that will help you achieve your health and lifestyle goals. Whether you want to manage stress, lose weight, overcome physical and mental fatigue, improve your mood, hormonal balance and skin appearance, or boost your immunity and strengthen your general health, I'll help you fast-track your way to transformation and lasting results.  

Fabulously Healthy

Fabulously Healthy

Nicola’s signature plan. Concerned about the adverse effects of ageing on your body, health and lifestyle? Fabulously Healthy is an easy-to-implement online programme for people who want to learn everything they need to know about anti-ageing their health with food, nutrition and wellness, in just 30 days.

Corporate Wellness Programme

Corporate Wellness

Improve employee engagement and productivity by helping your staff form long-lasting healthy habits. My corporate health coaching programmes and workshops are designed to complement your organisation's wellbeing strategy and nourish employees in all aspects of life.

Free Healthy Recipes

Create healthy meals and snacks that taste delicious and don’t take forever to prepare.

About Nicola

Hi, I’m Nicola. A holistic health coach and functional medicine practitioner who is wholeheartedly committed to helping you regain control of your health and life. 

If you’re curious about my work, background and why I do what I do, you can read more on my about page.

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