What is Functional Medicine and How can it Help?

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If you have never heard of functional medicine or only have a limited understanding, then you may not know how powerful and transformational this approach to wellbeing can be. As a Nutritional Health Coach and functional medicine practitioner, Nicola Monson can help you achieve your goals in a positive and proactive way.

What is Functional Medicine

Growing in mainstream popularity as the benefits become more well-known functional medicine is a way to manage health goals, support chronic conditions and even reverse health problems. Functional medicine is a person-centred approach to wellness and the delivery and results will be unique to everyone who uses it. By addressing the root cause and not just the symptoms of health and wellness related problems, together with a practical plan on how to address these issues symptoms can be reduced and a healthier, happier lifestyle can be achieved. In essence, functional medicine asks why the symptoms exist in the first place rather than just treating the symptoms that are presented. Functional Medicine works alongside conventional medicines with no conflict but perhaps better results.

Long Term Results

As functional medicine is person centred it means that it can deliver long term results that are able to be sustained over time as they are adopted into the persons’ lifestyle rather than simply treating the symptoms of any one particular problem. A detailed understanding of a persons’ lifestyle, symptoms and general history enables a plan to be developed based on that analysis. For example, depression can be the condition that causes many symptoms and the result of an underlying different condition. It is only by looking for the root cause of the symptoms that the condition can be discerned and then treated appropriately.

Wellness and Functional Medicine

Stress and anxiety are not conducive to both physical and emotional wellness, and a functional medicine approach to address day to day wellness can be extremely effective. As it is looking at addressing the root causes of problems, such as sluggishness, weight gain, low energy, and bloating, long term success can be gained when you have a targeted plan and a great coach to help you integrate it into your life.

Functional Medicine can help you achieve:

  • A healthier balanced lifestyle
  • Find solutions for mood swings and low energy
  • Feel more positive about yourself
  • Support chronic conditions
  • Reduce stress and anxiety

Transformative Effects

Understanding your life experiences help uncover what factors precede any symptoms, which symptoms are linked to others and what you notice when the symptoms are not there. Balance in life is important to both your physical and mental health, functional medicine looks for where the imbalance exists and provides the tools to help bring your life back into balance. Understand all the factors that affect your life, both positive and negative ensures a true person-centred approach.

Nicola Monson uses a blend of functional medicine, lifestyle coaching techniques, mind-body practices, and health diagnostic tools to support individual goals and give practical advice, techniques and support to enable you to transform from where you are now, to where you want to be.

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