The meal plan makeover is for food-lovers who want fresh inspiration on how to create healthy meals that hit the “scrumptious” spot, plus take the agony out of kitchen meal prep.

Whether you’re looking for a kick-start to healthy meal planning or want to break-free of food boredom, together we'll design a meal plan to meet your healthy eating needs.

You will learn:

How to design a delightful weekly meal plan to support your healthy eating efforts. I’m talking healthy meals that don't strip the pleasure out of eating.

Simple tips and tricks to liven up your eating repertoire, add more flavour plus nutrients to your meals and see you eating healthier. Let’s make your body and taste buds zing.

An easy way to figure out food portion sizes to avoid mis-knowingly under or over-eating at mealtimes and throughout the day. This alone can be enough to sabotage your healthy eating efforts.

No more succumbing to unhealthy foods.

No more indecisiveness and time spent wondering what to have for dinner tonight, or this week.

No more wasted money on impulsive or excess food purchases. 

You will get:

A done-for-you (we’ll do it together) weekly meal plan to fit your eating preferences, health and lifestyle needs.

A blank weekly meal calendar to use for future re-inspired meal planning.

Free Bonus: Healthy food charts to make it easy for you to replace any unhealthy foodstuff with healthier versions. You’ll be surprised at how better the nutritious options actually taste and, how quickly you feel the benefits associated with eating more wholesome food.

Natasha Simmons-01 (1)

"I was really impressed with Nicola's delicious meal suggestions. All the meals on my weekly plan were easy-to-prepare. Since my Meal Plan Makeover session with Nicola, I feel inspired to try new ideas in the kitchen and confident about creating healthy meal plans. I lead a busy life and was finding it hard to eat healthy, but I now feel more organised, and in control of my meals and food shopping plus spending."