Detox By Default – 10 Reasons to Adopt Daily “Detox” Eating & Lifestyle Practices (Part 1)

What do you do to support your body and mind with daily detoxification?

Whether detox practices are something you do regularly or not, daily detoxing is super-important for optimal health and happiness.

Eating clean and adopting detoxifying lifestyle habits will automatically support your body and mind with daily detox. In an ever-increasing toxic world, this is exactly what we should be striving for.

10 Reasons to Adopt Daily "Detox" Eating & Lifestyle Practices

Detox by default - 10 reasons to adopt daily detox eating and lifestyle practices

Here’s 10 reasons why you want to create and maintain a “detox by default” status quo:

1. Wake Up Feeling Vibrant, Joyful & Full of Energy

This has to be one of the best reasons for detoxing daily.

Even if you're not overweight you can still have toxic symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, achiness, digestive issues, allergies, depression and headaches.

2. Hormonal Balance

Achieving and maintaining hormone harmony can be hard in today's overly-stimulating and toxic world, but the mind and body benefits of doing so are huge.

If you struggle with blood sugar imbalances, mood swings, anxiety, estrogen dominance, histamine intolerance, unpleasant menopause symptoms or any hormonal health condition, reducing your toxic load is going to be incredibly helpful.

3. Improved Digestion

Elimination of toxins is vital for optimal digestive health - whether that be from parasites, mold, bacterial pathogens or viruses, or from food and drink, medication or anything else entering your gut.

4. Clear Skin & Glowing Complexion

Detoxing doesn't just affect your body's internal organs. Nobody wants to wake up with dull and tired skin.

A fast-paced lifestyle, chemical exposure, makeup, and pollution can clog your pores and make your skin look lifeless.

Detoxing your skin is essential for your skin's recovery process.

A glowing complexion, free of blemishes and distressing rashes contributes to how you feel about yourself, your relationships with others, and things, like food.

5. Calm & Balanced Mind

The average human mind has at least 50,000 thoughts every day, which means you have a new thought about every 1.2 seconds.

This is why the human mind is often referred to as the monkey mind.

Having a way to detox your mind is important to help you stay focused, calm and present.

6. Healthy Brain Function

Have you heard of the glymphatic system? It's essentially the lymphatic system of the brain, as it's much like how the lymph system in other organs removes waste from cells to the kidneys and liver.

Instead of lymph the brain uses cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). CSF is a clear fluid that transfers between the brain and spinal cord draining toxins from the brain.

Brain cells, like all cells of the body, require food and oxygen for metabolism.

Like all cells of the body, brain cell metabolism results in waste. So it's important for healthy brain function that brain cells are detoxed too.

7. Quality, Restorative Sleep

When the body is burdened with too many toxins the mind and body don't work as they should.

This sets the tone for disturbed sleep patterns, where you wake up feeling tired, cranky and unable to function well without stimulants, like coffee.

Until you start detoxing daily, this cycle is likely to continue. The body and mind need to be detoxing to maintain healthy circadian rhythms and sleep.

Restorative sleep supports detox too, as many of the detox organs work through the night to remove unwanted waste.

8. Reduced Inflammation

Toxins and chronic inflammation go hand in hand. Daily detoxing is absolutely critical for keeping inflammation at bay.

Chronic inflammation isn't just linked to aches and pains either, every unwelcome, perpetuating symptom that you experience is a sign of chronic inflammation.

9. Stronger Immunity

Toxins weaken and suppress the immune system.

Your immunity works by forming an antigen-antibody complex. When any antigen (foreign body) enters the body it forms specific antibodies for that antigen, and acts against the antigen by forming an antigen-antibody complex.

Daily detoxification is crucial to avoid compromised immunity. Weak immunity can also lead to auto-immune diseases.

10. Emotional Wellness

The clarity produced once the body starts detoxing properly can help promote better emotional health.

Very often, our emotional health is one of the first areas to get triggered when toxins start to leave the body and mind.

Not only can we experience emotions around removing certain foods as we switch to healthier eating, it’s also not uncommon for deeper emotions to rise to the surface.

That’s why I make sure to add additional support in this area when working with clients.

Living a healthy lifestyle isn't solely about what foods you eat, it also includes how else you are consuming toxicity. Acknowledge the hard stuff and release what no longer serves you.

Without the emotional eating and drinking habits, many people may experience feelings they haven’t felt in a while.

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