As a certified functional medicine practitioner with a background in nutrition, diet, coaching and physical therapy, I help women identify and heal the root cause of their health issue.

My areas of speciality include digestive complaints, fatigue, hormone imbalance and auto-immune conditions. I also work with women who are concerned about their weight gain or weight loss.

While individuals can present with similar symptoms, I believe that everyone is unique and incorporate the principles of functional nutrition and medicine when working with all clients to make sure proper support is given to the normal healing mechanisms of the body.

Your path to optimal health starts here. In just 3 easy steps you could be on the right track to seeing significant improvements.


Step 1 - Getting Started:

Get in touch to book your free 15 minute health evaluation or your initial consultation (see step 2 below for details).

Choose from a one, three, or six month plan. This can be done during your initial consultation if you’re unsure as to which one is best for you.

Complete an in-depth health and lifestyle questionnaire that tells me about your concerns and goals. This will be thoroughly reviewed before your initial consultation so that we can maximise our time together.

Step 2 - Your Initial Consultation Includes:

An in-depth health profile that we’ll create during your consultation.

We’ll discuss your current health and nutrition status, diet and lifestyle, symptoms and any recent tests you’ve had done, as well as exploring anything from the past that may be related to your core concerns and goals. This foundational step is key in helping to identify not only your initial health program, but also whether you could benefit from relevant lab tests to uncover any potential physiological and biochemical imbalances in your body.

An indication of underlying imbalances and deficiencies that may be contributing to your health issues, or preventing you from reaching your health goals.

How to start personalising your diet, nutrition intake, exercise regime and other relevant lifestyle factors. This is likely to change as you make progress. If you’re having lab tests, the focus of your initial health program will be on symptom management and supporting systems of the body while we wait for your test results to arrive with science-based evidence as to what’s happening internally.

Pay: £199 (includes your 90 minute consultation + 90 minutes of preparation practitioner time + 15 minutes of email support after your consultation)

Step 3 - Your Results & Recommendations Consultation Includes:

Review of any diet, health and lifestyle changes or discoveries that you’ve made since your initial consultation.

A thorough assessment and interpretation of your lab test results, where you'll receive a written summary as to what your results actually mean. You’ll also have chance to ask questions about anything that you’re unsure of.

We’ll update your initial health program based on your test results, and while doing so, where appropriate, make reference to your in-depth health profile that was created during your initial consultation.

You’ll leave with a unique health program that’s been prepared beforehand, and finalised during your appointment. This will also include other recommendations that we’ve discussed in relation to any changes or discoveries that you’ve made since your initial consultation.

Detailed recommendations and next steps on nutrition, diet, exercise, lifestyle strategies and other helpful modalities available to you will be given at this stage too.

Pay: £149 (includes your 60 minute consultation + 120 minutes of preparation and 30 minutes of email follow-up practitioner time)

Step 4 - Your Progress Support Service Includes:

After your results and recommendations consultation, we’ll schedule reviews for between 2-6 weeks to support you with your personalised health program. These will include consultations, adjustments to your health program, education, email support, access to supplements and follow-up testing if appropriate. Frequency of support will depend on your personal needs.

This service is also for clients who have completed a personalised health bundle and require further support.

Pay: £149 (includes 1 x 40 minute follow-up consultation + 1 additional 20 minute consultation if required)

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"I used to binge eat. This I believe is part of hypothyroidism which I was diagnosed with several years ago. And even though I struggled with my weight, energy and mood I didn't want to take any drugs for my underactive thyroid condition. 

I was also “addicted” to coffee, always tired and craving sweet things. I was unhappy and feeling like there was something missing in my life, but I couldn’t complain because I had everything any person would dream of.

And then, I met Nicola. 

At my first consultation, we talked about my health, life and what I most wanted. I told her that I’d like “the full package” - to have better health, lose weight, more energy, feel happy and take care of myself without feeling guilty.

She listened to me without judgment. I felt understood. We fixed a healthy eating, nutrition and wellness plan for me to follow until I received the results of my functional lab tests.

Accomplishing “baby” steps during my health program with Nicola was a life changing experience. 

At the end of my health program I felt physically healthier and emotionally stronger. I’d also lost 8 kilos, dropped a dress size, looked younger and was full of energy. 

It was not only about improving my health and losing weight. But by talking with Nicola, I succeeded to put words to my feelings. I realised that I had lost my identity, and that this voice inside me was begging me to do something about it. Nicola helped me hear this voice.

Today, I’m no longer the tired Mum. I enjoy sharing quality time with my children and feel happy with life.

Thank You Nicola!"




Take Your First Step On The Path To OPTIMAL HEALTH.


Personalise your health 3 month

For those seeking help with diet and lifestyle only, and possibly guidance on how they can go about reaching a short-term goal.

You will get:

An Initial Consultation (90 minutes)

1 x Progress Support Service (Total consultation time - 60 minutes)

Buy: £299 (Save £49)

The following 3-month and 6-month personalised health bundles are designed to unlock and sustain true vitality,
by eliminating symptoms of underlying body imbalance and optimising health.

This bundle is for women who are struggling with compromised health and wellness. They want to find out what’s causing their symptoms and how best to overcome them. And while taking steps to regain their wellness, they’re keen to feel supported and have access to specialist advice for a period of time after starting their personalised health program.

You will get:

1 x Initial Consultation (90 minutes)

1 x Results & Recommendations Consultation (60 minutes)

2 x Progress Support Service (Total consultation time - 120 minutes)

Buy: £589 (Save £57)

Personalised health programs
Personalise your health 6 months

This bundle is also for women who are struggling with compromised health and wellness, but are looking for more long-term support, specialist advice and guidance. Their health circumstances may be more challenging and complex in nature, and in which case it could take longer to restore function and achieve optimal health.

You will get:

1 x Initial Consultation (90 minutes)

1 x Results & Recommendations Consultation (60 minutes)

4 x Progress Support Service (Total consultation time - 240 minutes)

Buy: £849 (Save £95)

If you’re not sure which health bundle is best for you, we can make this decision together after your initial consultation.

All appointments are held in-person at my clinic located in Winkfield Row, Berkshire, or by Skype video, or telephone for UK based and overseas clients.

Payment for the 3-month and 6-month health bundles can be made in full, or instalments. Any functional lab testing and supplements are an additional cost.

Let today, be the start of something new, positive and progressive in your health, plus life.



Take Your First Step On The Path To OPTIMAL HEALTH.

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