My Healthy Christmas Wish List. 7 Present Ideas for You.

My Healthy Christmas Wish List

As the nights draw in, there's so many ways to wind down and chill out - candlelit baths, relaxing by the fire, losing yourself in a good book or film, forest walks during daylight hours, and writing your Christmas wish list.

So what are you hoping for this Christmas?

If you’re stuck for ideas’ I’ve drafted a My Healthy Christmas Wish List that’s all about presents to help you de-stress, feel better about yourself and be healthier next year.

In the season of giving, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself too.


Here are my favourite Christmas wish list ideas:


Tropic’s Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil is a shot of healthy greens that's packed with vitamins and nutrients to help fight the effects of everyday pollution.

Effective at reducing redness as well as calming irritated, sensitive and blemished skin, this luxurious, superfood oil promotes a bright, healthy, younger-looking complexion that’s full of vitality.

Tropic's Super Greens can be bought individually, or as a free item with your chosen Skincare Selection pack. GET IT HERE


Create a personalized makeup look you can carry with you wherever you go inside this sleek, innovative Colour Palette.

There are millions of colour combinations to choose from, and better still they’re all free from harmful chemicals and preservatives that unfortunately are in most make-up today.

Whatever your desired beauty look(s), there’s something for every woman with colour pans available in blushers, bronzers, concealers, eyeshadows, brow powders plus pomades, and lip colours.

Just £68 for one of the 4 designs of complete make-up palettes, it’s definitely a beauty festive must-have. GET IT HERE


Possibly an odd choice for a festive wish list you may think, but strong immune health is key to feeling good and staying well. And it’s something that can be particularly taxed at this time of year.

Any benefits of Proflavanol C stem from its incredible power as an antioxidant, thanks to its two main ingredients:

  • OPCs (oligomeric procyanidins) from grape seeds have antioxidant activity that rivals, or even surpasses, vitamin C and E. Plus, grape-seed extract can support cell signaling associated with your body’s natural ability to generate antioxidants for even greater defense.
  • Poly C combines ascorbic acid (a common form of vitamin C) with mineral salts. Research shows that this blend effectively raises levels of vitamin C in the body for a longer period of time than equal amounts of ascorbic acid alone. (Ascorbic acid is often the only form of vitamin C used in supplements.) The mineral forms of vitamin C are also thought to be friendlier to sensitive stomachs.

Having struggled with weak immunity, I swear this trusty supplement keeps me virus-free all year-round. GET IT HERE

4. THE BODY: A GUIDE FOR OCCUPANTS (Author - Bill Bryson)

The Body uncovers the workings of organs, muscles and bones. It’s full of fascinating anecdotes and enlightening trivia on how the body functions and its remarkable ability to heal itself. Definitely one for those who prefer a light-hearted read, which you certainly get with a Bill Bryson book. Available from high street and online book stores.


A fabulous book if you want to increase your knowledge and intake of veggies. Not only does it include recipes but also tips on how to store, prepare and cook vegetables as well as suggestions on what other foods each seasonal veg works well with.

Riverford also has a Spring & Summer Veg book. Both make excellent reference guides whether you have a veggie box or not. Available from Riverford and online stores.


A Le Creuset casserole dish is definitely an investment piece and completely worth it. You can make soups, stews, stocks, chilli, cake, bread, cook a whole roasted chicken, and just about any other dish on the planet in one of these.

They’re beautiful and can be taken right to the table to serve. I’ve got a round one, but the oval pots are slightly more functional as the shape is conducive to cooking meats on bone, and it's easier to fit on shelves.

My advice is go for a bigger dish than you think you need. Shop around to find the best pot and deal for you.


LifeRocks copper bottles with "vibrational crystal pods", which look rather like tea infusers, and are filled with stones for different purposes, such as energy and clarity, or focus and concentration.

These 100% pure copper bottles amplify the energy of one of the three chosen crystal pods that are stored inside, ready to vibrate directly into your water and entrain your system to a healthier and higher frequency.

How wonderful! And even Victoria Beckham has admitted her love of the LifeRocks bottles. Get it from LifeRocks online store.


Drinking water stored in a copper water bottle has amazing health benefits. Not only does copper keep water fresh for longer, it is also known to have antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Storing water in copper vessels is an ancient practice, even our ancestors have followed this.

According to Ayurveda, water stored in a copper vessel has the ability to balance all the three doshas (vata, kapha and pitta), by gently infusing the water with the positive health properties of copper. Water stored in a copper vessel will also become natural alkaline water, which helps balance your body’s pH levels.


No Christmas wish list is complete without chocolate.

Delicious yet healthy, Ombar's chocolate bars are an all-natural, plant-based and dairy-free, plus refined sugar-free treat. There are plenty of flavours to choose from – goji berry, lemon & green tea, blueberry & acai, coconut, mandarin, pistachio and more, or even 100% raw cacao if you want something pure and punchy.

They’re all mouth-watering and a much healthier option than your regular chocolate bars. Sold in most supermarkets and health food stores.

My 30-Day Nutrition & Wellness Plan is also a wonderful Christmas present, for anyone who wants to create and stick to healthier habits that really make a difference.

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