Health & Weight Managment Coaching (3 Months)

Fast-track your way to better health and a sustainable weight with on-going guidance and support over a 3-month period, that includes six high-impact coaching sessions.

I work with women to help them become clear, confident and purposeful about where and how in their health, plus life, to take steps towards making the right changes for them.

You will get:

A holistic health plan with actionable steps based on your health and wellness priorities, weight management goals and lifestyle intentions.

Six hourly coaching sessions in 3-months with one-on-one guidance and specialist know-how to support you in fast-tracking your way to getting the results you want.

We’ll take a deep dive into everything that you need in place and how to overcome anything that’s holding you back. This rock-solid foundation will give you clarity, confidence and vision to consistently move forward towards effecting lasting, positive changes to your health and body.

Tweaks and upgrades to your holistic health plan will be made monthly to reflect changes and progress.

Special attention will be given to bring your body into balance by healing, nourishing and strengthening it from the inside out. Using the functional medicine model (treating the body as a whole), we'll identify the root cause of your health issues and use the right tools to restore your body's primary physiological processes.

I'll help you personalise your diet, optimise your nutrition and find solutions to improve any “out of whack” non-food pillars of your life, like relationships, career, exercise and spirituality.

The extent of “lifestyle tweaking” you wish to make is up to you. Whether it’s simple adjustments or big change, I’m 100% committed to helping you see and feel the results you desire.

How it works:

Whatever your health and weight management goals are, contact me to find out more about how you can make them a reality.

All coaching with both UK based and overseas clients is by video or telephone conference, using Skype or standard voice calls.

Payment can be made in full, or ask about the 2 or 3 instalment payment options.

Let today, be the start of something new and uplifting in your health, plus life.

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"I’m a mum of two gorgeous boys, who are the centre of my life.

Although I was always busy with home and work activities, I used to binge eat. I was “addicted” to coffee, always tired and craving sugar / sweet things. I was unhappy and feeling like there was something missing in my life, but I couldn’t complain because I had everything any person would dream of.

And then, I met Nicola. She changed my life, and my vision of life.

In my first appointment, we talked about my health, life and what I most wanted. I told her that I’d like “the full package” - to lose weight, have energy, feel happy and take care of myself without feeling guilty.

She listened to me without judgment. I felt understood. We fixed a healthy eating, nutrition and wellness plan for me to follow. Accomplishing “baby” steps during this coaching plan was a life changing experience. I was proud of myself. My children were also supportive and proud of me.

At the end of the coaching plan I’d lost 8 kilos (more than 1 stone), dropped a dress size, looked younger and was full of energy. I also felt physically and emotionally stronger, so I decided to study for a new career.

It was not only about losing weight. By talking with Nicola, I succeeded to put words to my feelings. I realised that I had lost my identity, and that this voice inside me was begging me to do something about it. Nicola helped me hear this voice.

Nowadays, I’m no longer the tired Mum. I enjoy sharing quality time with my children and feel happy with life.

Thank You Nicola!"


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