Could You Use a Health Coach? Doctors Are Advocates

Imagine how amazing it would be if you could achieve and sustain your health goals.

There’s just one problem - the journey to optimal health often includes many diet and lifestyle changes. And changing behaviour is one of the hardest things any of us will ever try to do.  If you’ve undertaken any kind of behaviour change I’m sure you appreciate how challenging it can be, especially if you’ve attempted it single-handedly.

Health Coach Benefits

Behaviour change is crucial

Oftentimes during periods of change we can experience feelings of overwhelm and overcommitment with the energy, time and resources available.  At the outset it’s easy to underestimate the process - change is never just one thing, it’s a lot of connected things and sustained change doesn’t happen without a process that considers all the pieces.

To accompany cumulative actions not only do we need realistic, personalised and specific goals, which behaviour change research suggests are essential to success, but we also need guidance and expertise in bringing about change in the easiest and most effective way possible. Relying solely on resources like attention, self-control and motivation is limited.

If you're battling with a chronic health condition, an eating disorder, weight loss, mental and physical fatigue, work-life balance, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem or something else that's affecting your quality of life, as a health coach I can help you find what works best for you, to achieve your goals in the easiest, most effective way possible.

What is a health coach?

While anyone can claim to be a health coach (as there is no standardised certification), at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition we were specially trained in behavioural health, nutrition, human motivation and positive psychology.

It’s a unique skillset, which properly trained health coaches use to guide clients towards their goals and help them make successful, lasting behavioural change. They work alongside you to empower you as the expert in your own body and life to help you find the solutions that work best for you.

Health Coach

A health coach's goal is to build a relationship with clients, learn what concerns them, what their health goals are and what might be keeping them from making behaviour changes.

Health coaches meet the clients where they’re at, find out what’s holding them back and go forward from there. Together they come up with attainable goals and a plan that’s easy and accessible for the client to implement. They offer accountability, encouragement and support at every stage of the journey. They know change is difficult and that occasionally setbacks happen.

The role of a health coach is invaluable

In my experience the majority of people who work with me in a nutrition and functional medicine sense struggle with implementing some of the necessary diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Having that additional support from someone who is also trained as a health coach is invaluable. This professional support in adopting beneficial health and lifestyle changes gives people the tools, skills and confidence to help them achieve and sustain their desired health and wellness outcomes.

Doctors also support health coaching - Dr. Russell S. Phillips, director of the Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care, says that, “Health coaching should be an integral part of primary care. It helps patients better manage chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension and improves outcomes.”

“As a primary care doctor,” he added, “I’m focused on diagnosis, treatment and a lot of other medical issues. It’s great to have health coaches available to help patients make needed changes and sustain them over time.”

Your path to success with a health coach:  

  • Setting realistic and personalised health and wellness goals, by working with you to create a step-by-step approach to help you feel your best through relevant food, nutrition and lifestyle changes. Instead of prescribing one diet or lifestyle activity, you will receive specific advice and a personalised programme to meet your needs.
  • Breaking old habits and building new ones.
  • Helping you discover and navigate challenges along the way. It’s all too common: you try to implement a new habit on your own, only to experience setbacks and get discouraged that you’ll never be able to maintain the changes you want to make.
  • Sharing holistic health concepts, tools and techniques with you to help you progress towards your goals in a meaningful and expansive way. Something you’re unlikely to find with other health professionals.
  • Discovering and navigating challenges along the way.
  • Connecting you to your why and helping develop intrinsic motivation.
  • Exploring with you, your specific beliefs and concerns to help you discover the tools, techniques and strategies you need to enjoy ongoing optimal health.
  • Building your confidence in making nutritional and lifestyle changes. With increased self-awareness, self-reflection and self-compassion, you'll also learn more about yourself which will translate into healthier and happier outcomes.

If you wish to, you can learn more about how I can help you here.

Often the smallest steps in the right direction end up being the best step in your life.



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