4 Wholesome Meal Options For Energy And Warmth

wholesome meals feb 2016

Gloomy weather and long days at work make it easy to seek solace in the wrong kind of comfort food. But you don't have to let your good intentions for this year’s clean eating and getting in shape plan, fall by the wayside.

Here's 3 healthy meal options + 1 dessert idea to keep you warm, energised and on track to getting the body you want.


I’ve been running some “nutrition and energy at work” talks of late and singing the praises of eating soup in colder months. What’s great about this warming meal is that you can wring the changes with all sorts of healthy ingredients. Not only does wholesome soup have a nourishing and relaxing effect on the body, it’s also incredibly filling – keeping temptation for naughty snacking at bay.

Recipe ideaTurmeric Butternut Squash Soup

Slow cooker dinners

Slow cookers give you the flexibility to create satisfying meals with which you can alter the food and flavours used to produce different and delicious dinner outcomes. Most slow cooker recipes can be prepared the night before and switched on “low” the next morning before you leave the house.

I'm sure you'd agree it's comforting and cheering to know that you’ll have a cooked meal waiting for you when you get home.

Recipe ideaBeef in Cashew Sauce

Baked Sweet Potato

Why not swap the white jacket potato for a healthier lunch option – the sweet potato. White potatoes are high GI, which means they will mess with your blood sugar, waistline and energy. Sweet potatoes are a great alternative and personally, I enjoy them more. This time of year, I love eating baked sweet potatoes with lentil or bean dishes, chilli or alongside other veggies and meat.

Baked Apples

Baked apples are a healthy dessert option that you can core and stuff with things like nuts, warming spices, oats, maple syrup etc…. They’re more appetising than eating apples when it’s cold or damp outside and you fancy something sweet plus substantial to satisfy those cravings. Pop them in the oven while your dinner is cooking and they’ll be ready to serve straight after.


During the winter months our digestive systems tend to be weaker, so it's better to eat cooked foods that are easier to digest. When your gut isn’t functioning on optimum your general well-being may take a beating – in the form of less energy, weaker immunity, poorer complexion and weight gain. To help prevent this choose food that suits your stomach. Check out my "WHY YOU SHOULD IMPROVE YOUR GUT HEALTH" blog for more on this.

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